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Adelaida Rabino – Adelaida Rabino started entered the business of making shoes in 2003 and is now a subcontractor of Natasha shoes.

Sharpened by Challenges, Strengthened by Faith

“I just kept going.”
Adelaida Rabino, a 48-year old subcontractor of Natasha shoes may have gone through hardships since she started her business in 2003, but she did not let those discourage her. Hired by a general contractor, she performed the services in making the upper part of the shoes. She started with a capital of P 5,000 which she loaned from Alay Buhay. The business ran smoothly until the 2009 Ondoy typhoon. At that time, she had 3 factories and 20 employees. Being located in Marikina, the business did not escape the whip of devastation. She was left financially broken. “All my machines were submerged in the water. Not one was left working.” Even so, she was determined to continue. Adelaida started from scratch. Since in subcontracting, the orders just keep coming, she was able to get back to business. The usual number of orders that came in her line was 500 pairs. “Actually, it would be better if we were able to make more.”
adelaida-rabinoIt seemed things were getting better until another problem struck. She was diagnosed with a serious illness. “I had cancer.” She had to undergo chemotherapy so she asked her children to oversee the business. It was a year after when she was able to recover and head their business again. With consistent coming of orders and hard work, the business got back on track. She also had the opportunity to join the CMDC training as she was endorsed by Alay Buhay. She was introduced to certain business know-how an d was encouraged to improve the services that her business was offering. After the training, she came up with an idea to offer designs to the general contractor that would be used for the production. It did not take much time before these were used. Having strong faith in God, Adelaida was very grateful and expectant for what had happened.
But disaster struck again in the year 2012. The country was affected by another typhoon named Habagat. Despite of her big loss with machineries, Adelaida still managed to recover. She asked for a loan from Alay Buhay worth P50, 000. “I had to keep my business running and the loan was a huge help for it to regain its stable condition.” she said. She might have lost her machines but the people that she was working with never left her side. The general contractor had trust in her. “The order still kept coming. I am thankful with the trust that they have given me.”
Adelaida’s business is still in the recovering stage. “I am still on the process of paying my loan and slowly reinvesting with machines.” With 7 personnel, she now accepts orders from another shoe label, Bandolino.
Improvements might take time but she has some options that she wishes to carry out in the near future. Her plan is to build her own shoe store in a flood-free zone and directly supply local shoe stores in Marikina. “I just want to focus with shoes,” she shared.

MFI Alay Buhay Community Development Foundation Inc.
Batch 5
Age 48
Civil Status Married
Educational Attainment High school Graduate
Enterprise Name Subcontractor of Natasha
Year Established 2003
No. of Years in the Business 10
Products and Services Shoes
Loan Cycle 6
Loan Amount 50,000
Asset Size 102,470
Monthly Gross Revenue 33,000
No. of employees 9
Net worth 52,470