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Virginia Pareja – Virginia’s enterprise, Familia Food Product, provides small restaurants and carenderias in Puerto Princesa City with condiments at lower prices.

Rainbow after calamity

Mrs. Virginia Pareja is an experienced business woman made strong by previous trials in her business.  She has been a good client since she started with Bayan and always maintained her good repayment record. Unfortunately, on her 7th loan cycle, she pushed to offset her savings for her loan balance and withdrew her left savings due to unexpected calamity that happened in July of 2012. A huge tornado hit the resident’s house in Brgy. San Isidro, Narra, Palawan. The tornado tore partly half of their house and almost half of the piggery business of their family.  To be able to cope with this disaster, Virginia needed to decide on unloading some of her obligations and diverting her remaining resources to help her family. She decided to continue her business in manufacturing condiments knowing that it would sustain them.


Virginia made up her mind to return to Bayan and availed a loan of Php100,000 in November 2012 to boost the sales of her manufacturing enterprise. The loan fortunately succeeded in making her market grow.  Virginia undeniably made her business grow in terms of production output and income.  She managed to avail a brand new Mitsubishi Adventure for her business and also for personal use.


Presently, the business of condiments is running smoothly in Puerto Princesa City.  A lot of small restaurants and carenderias sprouting were in need of daily condiments with a lower price compared to the branded ones.  Based on Virginia’s assessment, now is the time for her to pursue her vision of getting a bigger market by expanding her product lines.  Fortunately, she gained help through the CMDC program.

Virginia now plans to expand her market through introducing new products.  She now realized that the entire market for condiments just lies in front of her waiting to be filled in. Recently, Virginia introduced her all natural and organic vinegar from bananas.  It was channeled through her business by the personnel of DTI-Palawan from a farm in the Municipality of Brooke’s Point.  She considers the product as her very first natural product.  Aside from the fish sauce, she wants to proceed to her next step of developing her banana catsup product.


MFI Bayan Academy
Batch 15
Age 45
Civil Status Single
Educational Attainment Collge Graduate
Enterprise Name Familia Food Product
Year Established 2004
No. of Years in the Business 9
Products and Services Manufacturing of Vinegar, Soysauce and other condiments
Loan Cycle 9
Loan Amount         300,000
Asset Size       1,129,450
Monthly Gross Revenue         180,000
No. of employees                   3
Net worth         922,450