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Ricky Hanopol – From a simple errand boy in a hardware store, Ricky has become an entrepreneur handling his own business, which offers a variety of products like hardware, groceries, internet, and rentals.

Pay it forward

Ricky used to be an errand boy in a hardware store. But with his perseverance, he was able to finish a vocational course on electronics. Ricky had initial plans of going abroad armed with his diploma. However, his kind-hearted boss instead offered him to have a business. His boss supported his business financially until it was fully set up. Romeo then named his venture, the 3R Store.

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The 3R Store expanded to several service offerings, to include: hardware, groceries, internet and rentals. He also ventured into tricycle operations. The business has existed for 16 year already, except for the internet shop which has been running for one year now.


Romeo experienced difficulties in monitoring his sales. Also, his business was not growing. Romeo joined Uplift Philippines, a microfinance institution. It was through Uplift that Romeo was chosen to join the CMDC program. Prior to the program, he had no plans and no direction for his business. He just moves where the wind blows him. Through the CMDC program, he learned so much about investments and savings. “The training was able to open my mind,” shared Ricky. He now knew how to monitor his sales, stocks and inventory. Through the training, he was able to expand to more income-generating ventures.


In 2014, Romeo plans on investing in van rental. He is also interested to join more of the business mentoring sessions of the CMDC program for additional knowledge in further enhancing his enterprise.


Romeo’s hard work and dedication caught the attention of his boss and this became his stepping stone in creating more wealth for his family and for other people.



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