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Bienvenido Manglo – The 51-year-old entrepreneur shares how he was able to grow his enterprise, Bensley Marketing, without having to create his own products.

In the Ministry of Good Business

If there is one thing Pastor Bienvenido Manglo has learned, it’s that being a good entrepreneur does not necessarily mean having to create your own products.

“The idea of becoming a retailer dawned on me when I attended courses at CMDC. I discovered the possibility of creating a market for products being made by other people,” he revealed.


Bien Manglo1A native of Batangas, Pastor Bienvenido is a 51-year old engineering graduate who now resides in Biñan, Laguna. He used to support his family by selling load for prepaid phones, raising livestock and soap-making. His strong faith as a pastor has helped him weather various challenges as an entrepreneur. “Sometimes I am baffled why I try all these businesses when I don’t even get much return,” he confessed.


Struggling to achieve his business goals, Pastor Bienvenido was referred to CMDC by the microfinance institution Center for Community Transformation (CCT). He was hesitant at the beginning. “I was already doing my ministry in my church, so I wondered what good would I get from it,” he shared. The experience proved to be worth it. “I met all these wonderful entrepreneurs who made very good products but did not know where to sell them. One made eco-friendly bags made from natural fibers like rattan and abaca, while another made compressed smokeless charcoal. I found my true purpose, which is to help them find their market. I became their marketing manager.”


Pastor Bienvenido contacted his former classmates at CMDC and bought some of their products, which he sold to outlets like supermarkets and department stores. In a few months, wholesalers and retailers came to him for more orders. He now also sells handicrafts like table ornaments, wallets, displays and other items. He also helps other aspiring entrepreneurs at the CCT, as a trainer and inspirational speaker. “I have learned in this life that if you let God be your guide, he will take care of the rest. You just have to do your best,” he shared.


From two employees in January 2011, Pastor Bienvenido now employs 12 workers. His monthly income rose by 80%, while his assets grew by 54%.

Mr. Bienvenido Manglo showcases his products during an exhibit at SM Megamall.


MFI Center for Community Transformation
Batch 2
Age 49
Civil Status Married
Educational Attainment College Graduate
Enterprise Name Bensley Marketing
Year Established 1998
No. of Years in the Business 15
Products and Services Livestock, Detergent and Loading Station
Loan Cycle 10
Loan Amount 50,000
Asset Size 935,000
Monthly Gross Revenue 75,000
No. of employees 2
Net worth 915,500