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Elma Gabriel – Elma saw the potential in Buy and Sell businesses, which led her to establish her own enterprise called Gabriel’s Onion Magnet.

Good Business needs Right Relationships

“Treat your suppliers and clients well, as if they are your siblings.”


Elma Gabriel, a 53-year old Buy and Sell entrepreneur, believes that creating good relationships leads to success in business. After borrowing money to use as starting capital from Tulay sa Pag-unlad Incorporated (TSPI), she already knew that she had to handle every business transaction correctly. She was the one communicating with the suppliers from different farms in Pangasinan while her husband Jessie delivered the supplies to their clients.

Elma Gabriel

“We decided to start a Buy and Sell of onions because the profit that you get is big.” She remembers getting the idea from her kumares who already had their own Buy and Sell businesses and who deeply encouraged her to join the pack. True enough, she saw how largely profits grow from it. She buys 20,000 kilos of onions that costs P20/kilo and after selling them, she gains around P60,000. Although there were times when she needed to set very low selling prices, she still manages to earn her expected profit. “You just need to find good market,” she says. In the midst of business problems, Elma learned to be patient and humble. Whenever the transactions or deliveries are delayed, she immediately informs her clients and clearly explains the consequences of the delay. With that, misunderstandings are avoided and established relationships are sustained.


She learned about the training CMDC’s training program after she received a Maunlad award from TSPI. She then decided to join the training and was hoping to learn how to handle her business financial statements. “Accounting, that’s the one aspect in my business that I cannot handle well.” she says. More than the technical modules that she learned, there was a lesson that she can never forget. “Being open-handed to others– sharing not just my money but the knowledge that I gained from the trainings is one lesson that I treasure now.” She believes that rudeness and arrogance will not bring you to any heights.


Now owning one delivery truck and a storage facility for onions, Elma plans to obtain a loan fund from TSPI, as she has fully paid the money that she borrowed as starting capital. “I will use the money to buy another truck to help improve our delivery services,” she explains.  Elma wishes to open another business, a rice store and hopes to transform their Buy and Sell Business into a family heritage in the years to come.


MFI Tulay sa Pag-unlad Inc.
Batch 2
Age 50
Civil Status Married
Educational Attainment High School Level
Enterprise Name Gabriel’s Onion Magnet
Year Established 2004
No. of Years in the Business 9
Products and Services Buy and sell of onions
Loan Cycle 20
Loan Amount 70,000
Asset Size 1,300,009
Monthly Gross Revenue 35,000
No. of employees 50
Net worth 370,000