Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management

Since 2007, the Grassroots Entrepreneurship and Management (GEM) program has provided business management training to clients of microfinance institutions. Its objective is to help students grow and develop their businesses through self-mastery, situation mastery, and enterprise mastery.

Self Mastery

Entrepreneur in Heart and Mind

This module allows participants to reflect on the beginnings of their journey as entrepreneurs; to reflect on the roots of this taste for enterprise and the personal meaning this has for the individual.

Being and Becoming

The participants are given structured self-reflection on their talents and skills in relation to the various roles that they can play within the enterprise. They will learn to match their personal profiles with particular roles, and to reflect on their personal strengths and areas for further growth and development.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Participants of this module will be taught to identify the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. This will also help develop and enhance similar qualities that will contribute to their entrepreneurial success.

Creating a Personal Vision

Aspiring entrepreneurs need to have a long-range view of their life and their enterprise. Upholding the concept of beginning with the end in mind, this module will ask participants to develop their personal vision and find out how it relates to enterprise development.

Personal Wealth Management

Successful entrepreneurship will require prudent and careful planning of personal resources. Through this module, participants will gain skills to manage their personal wealth and plan for a financially independent future.

Situation Mastery

Practical Research Methodologies

Participants will gain discipline in undertaking research as a process to make better decisions. This will be done through simple, easy-to-apply market research tools; an understanding of basic customer profiling and segmentation; an appreciation of various criteria in evaluating a location; and knowing bases for analyzing competitors.

Opportunity Seeking, Screening and Seizing

Participants will be taught to scan the environment for business opportunities that they can seize. Once the entrepreneur has identified the appropriate opportunity, he or she will then be asked to create and develop a corresponding product.

Scanning the Macroenvironment

Participants will understand and appreciate opportunities and threats arising from macro-environment scanning.

Internal Assessment

Participants will be able to highlight and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Enterprise Mastery

Marketing Management

The module will introduce marketing management as a functional area of a business. The participants will gain an understanding of how value is created for customers. Participants will also learn and will be asked to apply the marketing mix: Product, Place, Price and Promotions (4 Ps). They would be able to develop marketing strategies particularly in customer service and selling.

Operations Management

Participants will be able to establish the importance of managing the operations of the enterprise to ensure that customer expectations are always met. They will also imbibe a consciousness that successful entrepreneurship is sustained by good operations management.

Human Resources Management

Participants will learn basic HR processes that a typical enterprise will need to implement (recruitment, training, and compensation) and to have a more detailed appreciation of matching the operational requirements of the business to potential and current employees’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Understanding, Analyzing and Forecasting Financial Statements

These modules will teach participants to analyze and understand the various financial statements, demonstrating how the external environment affects cash and funds flow.