Citi-Small Business Advisory and Coaching Services

The Citi-SBACS is a business clinic and advisory center where GEM graduates can avail of coaching and mentoring services from a pool of experts and professors. These include Marketing Services, Finance Services, Human Resource Services, Operations Services, Regulatory Services (requirements and applicable laws), and Technical Services.





Entrepreneurs can get advice on how to assess the business environment, the location and the marketing demand and supply situation. They will also be to linked to different markets, as well as to government and private institutions that provide all sorts of enterprise, technology and market assistance.



We’ll help entrepreneurs assess the financing potential of their businesses given their growth prospects. This includes assessing loans using the 5C’s of credit. They can also get advice on family or personal wealth management, and get assistance in graduating to banks and partner investors.


Human Resource

In order to maximize the major human resource asset of their businesses, we’ll help entrepreneurs assess the needs and wants of the family and how these will affect the long-term survival of the enterprise as a family unit. This includes tips on how to manage and take care of people, to engage them better, and to assess their competencies.



Experts in similar enterprises or industries will share the best operations practices that they have benefited from. Entrepreneurs will also be assisted in terms of technology upgrading and innovation.



Entrepreneurs will learn how to acquire contacts, connections, alliances, partnerships and linkages. They will also be advised on legal requirements, which include securing permits and licenses, and be assisted in labor and tax laws.



Mentors will assist interested individuals in forming technical skills required in operating and administrative systems. This will cover the procedures, standards, manuals and protocols that are followed in such work environments.